For the month of March we have two very deserving Track & Field athletes.  On the guys side of things is Garrett Bender who is a sophomore in his 2nd year of track.  This year he has specialized in the 400 breaking the previous school record and is 1st in the district right now.  Garrett has headed up pre-season workouts and has worked hard to get where he is at.

For the girls we have our 1st ever two time winner of the athlete of the month award in Molly Rolloff.  She won it earlier this year for her excellent play in volleyball.  Molly is a senior and this is her 1st year of doing track.  She has pushed her limits all year long and is determined to give nothing but her best every time she takes the track.

Congratulations to both Garrett & Molly...we look forward to watching you compete at districts!!!!!

Click on the images below to read them blown up!!!!!!!!

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