KAM & KAM CATERING to do Concessions for Volleyball

Don't make the same mistake others did last week by bringing Subway sandwiches to the volleyball game.  No longer are the main items at our concession stand hot dogs and Snickers.  We have been blessed by Kam & Kam Catering providing the concessions at volleyball games this year.  Each game will have a different $5 dinner special.  Last game it was sweet & sour meatballs served over rice and the reviews were great.  I believe Tuesday's special will be teriyaki chicken and rice.  That isn't the only change in concessions, they also provide healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies.  For you sugar lovers there is still candy to be had as well as pizza.  So no longer do you need to have dinner at home or stop by Subway on the way to the game.  Bring your appetite and support Faith athletics by having dinner at the game.  You won't be disappointed...Kam & Kam Catering is the best in the business!!!!!

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