Below is a quote from the track coach Amy Kirkpatrick about the meet at Sherwood:

"Can I just say this day was EPIC!!! With the sun shining down on our backs we marched out onto that track to reach for far off PRs that seemed to be unreachable. As each event slowly approached we stepped out unsure of our next steps and at times even in doubt. One by one we overcame and made fact out of dreams. The battle pursued all day at a crawling speed, but we stood strong and cheered on. At the end of the day, with pink faces and dirt under our nails, we stood triumphant. The pinnacle of a long and hot pursuit was peeked with the races of our lives. 12 runners striding for their moment of unparalleled speed. Be proud of what you accomplished no matter how small. It's the little battles that are won day to day that lead into one unbelievably epic unleashing right when you need it."

The boys finished the meet in 6th place out of 13 teams including 4A schools.

Chris Cotuna           1st Place       100m       11.72
Jackson VanVuren    1st Place        Jav            153-02
Chris Cotuna           2nd Place      200m       24.12
Garrett Bender         2nd Place      400m       53.49
Troy Maslen             7th Place      110 H        18.98
Troy Maslen             7th Place       300 H       54.55
Micah Johnson         7th Place       Discuss    104-06

The girls finished 9th.

Ari Daskalakis      3rd Place       800m          2:33
Ari Daskalakis      4th Place      3000m        12:56

Brittany Falcon      6th Place       Jav             93-07
Lindsey Stein        6th Place       LJ              14-01
Sierra Falcon        7th Place        Shot          29-04
Lauren Kam          7th Place       Disc           84-07


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