- James has become an important piece of our teams success due to his willingness to give        100% effort all the time in both practices and games.  
- He invests a lot of energy into important aspects of the game that don't always get noticed but that are critical to winning games. 
- He has become one of our teams best rebounders and defenders.  
- James also sets excellent picks that free his team mates up for easy scoring opportunities.   - James doesn't talk very much but he sets a great example and tone for the team by his outstanding work ethic. 
- He is a very important part of our team.  

* selected as a team captain as a junior this year
* top scorer - averages 10 points per game which has more than doubled from her scoring average last season
* leads the team in blocked shots
* team's second leading rebounder and is one of the team's top 3 leaders in steals
*Marra inspires her teammates with her strong work ethic, dedication, and spiritual focus. 
* She consistently supports, helps, and encourages all of her teammates

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