Oct. 8, 2015 City Christian traveled to the Falcons home court for one of the last league games. The odds were highly in favor of the Falcons seeing how City hasn't won a game this season.

Both teams had a good warm up and were excited for the game to start. The Falcon fans had high spirits and the game kicked off with City serving. After a short battle the Falcons won 25-9. Psyched from their first game the Falcons took to the court again ready for the second game. Again they crushed winning 25-11. Ready to go home for the night and with a hyped crowd the Falcons prepared for their third set. All six servers served 100% (meaning no serves were missed). Falcons won again 25-11. 

It was a fantastic game to watch with each player doing their job for the team perfectly which led to the possibility of everyone getting the chance to be in the game. After the game in the Falcon huddle, which included the fans as well, head coach Jackie Arnold named Madeleine Hood MVP.  All Falcons left the game stoked for the last two league games against Life and Vernonia. 
Written by Madeleine Hood (broadcast/journalism class)

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