Delphian vs. Faith Volleyball

September 22nd at 6.30 began the thrilling edge of your seat gripping showdown between the Delphian Dragons  and our own Falcons. Delphian, not being a team to play around with, got off their bus after the hour and a half drive with game faces.

The game was rough at first while the teams battled it out. Delphian won the first match in the end with the Falcons trailing closely behind at 25-20. Before the second fame ensued however, head coach Jackie gave the girls a much needed pep talk with mentioning how state was on the line. The Falcons marched onto the court shaking the gym to its foundation with all the screaming and high fives. Their electricity was contagious  as the falcon fans cheered themselves hoarse.

With high spirits and the will to win, Falcons took the last three matches with Delphian's scores lowering each time. The 2nd match was close at 27-25 and the 3rd at 25-22. The last match was taken by storm by the Falcons with a final 25-12. The gym erupted into a chorus of hollers and screeching from the fans as the girls high fived the downed Dragons (respectfully).

The nigh6t ended with all Falcon fans and players gathered together to praise God for the awesome win and give the glory to him.

Article written by Madeleine Hood (Broadcast/Journalism Class)

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