Baseball season is now upon us and my excitement is growing. I’m excited for the possibilities of what this year holds. They say this year is going to be a rebuilding year, but I think the girls basketball team is a testament to the fact that nothing is set in stone. I believe that the entire team is ready to prove that we can get it done, even if we don’t have the most experience.

Last year the team made it to the state playoffs thus setting a precedent for the team to follow and build on. However with the team having lost many seniors over the past year, it will be easier said than done. But it also holds many promises with multiple freshman and sophomores playing this year and hopefully for years to come.

This year we have the privilege of playing five out of our eight home games at Ron Tonkin Field. Something not many teams have the fortune of being able to do. This allows us to have a very nice field for playing on that is close to the school compared to many other venues.
This season we are going to give our all to the game and to God; to try and continue the legacy the players before us have left. Making sure that we leave a new one in our wake, so that this program can continue to grow and be successful.

-written by AJ Padilla

-photos by Caleb Predmore

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