The Falcons overcame a very slow start and rainy conditions to overcome Life Christian on Thursday afternoon. The first half was very back and forth, but ultimately the teams played to 0-0 at the half. The Lions came out in the second half and tapped in a breakaway after the Falcons gave away possession cheaply. The goal allowed was exactly the wake up call that Faith needed. The Falcons calmed down and looked to connect passes and keep possession of the ball. The game opened up for the Falcons and Caleb Predmore delivered in the 50', chipping a shot over the keeper. Predmore finished off his brace in the 60' and ensuring the victory for Faith. The Falcons move to 1-1-1 in league play and 3-3-2 overall on the season.

Faith    2

Life      1

Caleb Predmore 50'    (1)
Caleb Predmore 60'    (2)

Zach Braem    (1)
Mason Demaris    (1)

Braden O'Reilly    7

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