JR-Katie Fajer
Katie is as intense as it gets on the court.  She gives everything she has and doesn't back down from any challenge set before her.  Her determination and drive give her the edge to accomplish any she sets her mind too.  Often she stays after practice for extra work to make sure she is the best player she can possibly be.  Not only is a she a great player she is also a great teammate, constantly teaching and encouraging others to be their best as well.

16.3 Points Per Game
9.3 Rebounds Per Game
3.9 Steals Per Game
1.5 Assists Per Game
1.3 Blocks Per Game

SO - Nik Rex
Nik has shown steady improvement since the start of the season.  He has become a defensive force and his outside shooting has steadily improved.

51% shooting 
39% from 3pt 
42 assists
41 steals

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