Last year Jessica played the 5 position for the Falcons and this year she switched to the 1 position.  This is one of the hardest things you can ask a player to do, but it shows the versetelity Jessica has.  With this position change it meant less points and rebounds, but that was ok with Jessica if that meant winning.  Jessica is one of the most unselfish players to ever come through Faith always choosing what was best for the team instead of herself. Jessica will finish her high school career with the following school records:

Assists in a season: 115
Assists per game: 4.6
Assists in career: 259
Free Throws in career: 115
3 pointers in career: 60

SR - Kyle Predmore 
shot 54% from field
61% FT
51 rebs
13 assists
9 steals
3 blocks

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