JR - Connor Hood- He is the ultimate story of an athlete putting everything he has into his craft. Connor has proven that he has the mental toughness to push himself through some incredibly tough workouts. After dedicating himself this year he came out and got a personal record in the first meet which almost never happens. He has since improved with every meet and has moved himself from 7th in the district to #1 in the 1500. He now has an opportunity to go to state in 4 events. His journey is far from over, but he is now perfectly positioned for a place in state instead of just thinking of it as a far off dream. 

FR - Ashley Campbell- Ashley is the ultimate competitor that you would never want to face. She's naturally gifted, but she will out work you on every front. When we are doing team workouts she will finish with the front of the pack who are normally all boys. She pushes herself to seek perfection in everything that she does and she does it all while still being the sweet person that she is. She is top 3 in 100m, Top 3 in 200m for our district and if state was to happen today she would place 7th in the long jump which she now holds the school record for. She would also win the state pole vault competition and make her the highest pole vaulting freshman in all of Oregon. 1A-6A. 

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